490 – 620 kg
1000 mm – 1400 mm
30 – 50 cm
(w zależności od zapotrzebowania)
Skorpion is a boom-mounted head that may be referred to as a 3-in-1 machine as it mows, mulches and mills. It can be hidden behind the tractor and extended in every directions. The mowing module can be inclined in every directions. This enables comprehensive clearing of fallow land, access roads or escarpments.

Skorpion is a mowing head for an excavator and a tractor that is perfect for mowing:

– roadsides,
– ditches,
– escarpments,
– hedges,
– small trees (up to 12 cm).
It features:

– tuned up hydraulic piston engine and V-belt drive increase the rotor speed,
– automatic spring tensioner ensuring maintenance-free belt operation,
– hydraulically adjusted lid and high chute,
– the strongest feeler roller available on the market,
– the applied blades and bearings and 3 times more durable compared to competitors.

Germania company will deliver the machine to the indicated address and carry out training in machine operation upon commissioning.


The mower’s rotor with permanent Widia teeth and rotary flails. The entire structure is reinforced with a core tube and internal flanges. Additionally, it is mounted on pins of 60 mm in diameter and on 22312 bearings. Hubs with recoil locks and special lids for seal protection.

Materials used

The entire structure is made of super hard HDS materials.
They make it exceptionally durable and, at the same time, relatively light.
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