Rotors for forest milling machines

Germania Technologic has over forty years of experience in manufacturing as well as servicing and modernisation of such machines.

We mainly specialise in cutting rotors, offering the following services:

– forest milling machine production according to specification,
– rotor production according to specification,
– rotor straightening and balancing,
– rotor regeneration and modernisation.

Forest milling machines are intended for preparing a strip of land for cultivation. They are used in the following forestry activities:

– removing trunks and roots that remain after felling,
– preparing soil for cultivation,
– tree branch shredding.
Gaining experience in servicing forest milling machines from all popular manufacturers, we have had the opportunity to get to know all the manufacturing defects. Based on this experience, we have developed proprietary technology thanks to which the machines and rotors we produce ensure many years of service life. We used the best materials available on the market in production.
Quality is essential for us.
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