Mulcher rotors

We offer the following services:

– mulcher production according to the customer’s specification,
– rotor production according to specification,
– rotor straightening and balancing,
– rotor regeneration and modernisation.

Our company has over forty years of experience (thirty years in the German market and ten years in the Polish market) with machines from all popular manufacturers. We predominantly specialise in the cutting rotors that constitute the “heart” of these machines.
Mulchers are machines used to prepare soil for cultivation. They are perfect for removing small trees, bushes, branches, as well as roots and stumps.

Depending on the area where they operate, they are generally divided into:

– Forestry mulchers, working on the ground surface, and
– Depth mulchers, working below the ground surface facilitating soil preparation, e.g., for cultivation.
Gaining experience in servicing mulchers from all popular manufacturers, we have had the opportunity to get to know all the manufacturing defects. Based on this experience, we have developed proprietary technology thanks to which the machines and rotors we produce ensure many years of service life. We use the best materials available on the market because the quality is essential for us.
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