Fast-speed rotor

We offer the following services:

– rotor production according to specification,
– axle replacement, supporting element regeneration, seat milling,
– rotor regeneration and modernisation,
– rotor straightening and balancing.

In contrast to low-speed shredders, fast-speed shredders are used when we want to obtain fine material after fragmentation. The cutting rotors used in these machines revolve with the speed of 1000 rpm, shredding material to very fine fraction.

They are most commonly used to fragment the following:

– Tree branches,
– Timber,
– Wood waste,
– Biomass waste.

Our company has over forty years of experience (thirty years in the German market and ten years in the Polish market) with machines from all popular manufacturers. We predominantly specialise in the cutting rotors that constitute the “heart” of these machines.
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